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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 5, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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for the other day in a row there scourings of landfill. they're looking for any clues. they're looking for frederick sales.1e father was foundl n over a weeko and he had been bludgeoned to death. police believe[=f that s is the man who is responsible for that murder and possibly three more. he was shot and illedh# by cops on tuesday. today maureena3 kelly it went o ite. >> we have conducted a search ÷[cmçno carrierringconnect 240 number ofb. police c droveubxvd
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an parked car and he has been driving. they sent to rescue k-9 units the dog is now with us today p.s. there are many others
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have been at eliminating as more difficult for the dogs some anticipated. >> is caught in smelly work. the volunteer showing off for holding that their efforts for the people that were >> the people that were affected by the unfortunate situation. >> that case unraveled after the cops chase some on tuesday. the shot and killed him. >> these video cameras that you see here at the outside the specific use smaller and the average market recorded the entire incident between 38 year- old ephron and that is reporting to us store manager who told me that at around 8:45 a.m.. the manager told kron4 news that day
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uprear to of grab the the whole violent scene was counted on the indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. that all been turned over to police investigators at this point. at side richman as the search continues of prosecutors continue their coverage will course continue the coverage. even follow this story here on our website or go >> it is a beautiful shot san francisco on this labor day weekend. clear skies is seeking a beautiful temperatures. is
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very comfortable for san francisco we're in the low 60s after a date and will super conditions. it is clear now and the damages of warm up 5 to 10 degrees. its low 80s in san jose and low 90s in the east bay valley. we're going to see the temperature is warm up some more and we have the north wins in place which produced fog free conditions with sunshine in place for tomorrow. the temperature is warming up tend to grace. look for 80s in san francisco. 98 in san jose and low 90s in the east of delhi. things dramatically changed starting to said. this seabury's really starts to iran but the whole burden befall elisa its going to 82 same concord.
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billion know more about our labor day forecast coming up. >> thank you brian. the streets near san mostly residential and non it's usually a primary and the this is a map from kind of thing dog, but shows crimes committed over the last week. there it really is not many. however, crowds usually gather in this area that drinking, littering and generally making an unsafe place. couple was robbed and beaten here two weeks ago. the go to talk to some people who live next to one of this city's most famous landmarks. >> residence have lived here for 40 years. reason why she it has seen it problems as they to intolerable levels. >> afterhours become drinking here. the window it shakespeare the party, the do graffiti. it is not a place to live and there's parking available. it is
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a frightening to come up here because you do not know if you're born to be accosted. this dark and there needs to be some kind of control. >> they say the party and begins in the nightclubs are >> closing> we party won 23. it is ridiculously allowed up their end it's a very strange clout. >> there's a lot of loud music and some mornings i've come back to visit my car with footprints up and down net and some they thought was a walking past. >> so the solutions will be brought up at the meeting including closing access to the tower at night. our opening the gates. key remembers a time when the area was closed to keep the trouble makers recently he had a new kind of intruder. >> police had barricades' that you could not, but a certain time. and then they had stopped that after so long. they should bring them back or close that area or police it regularly. we
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had a fellow recently who is in my tree looking into my window. i mean, you know, it is unbelievable. >> he lived on telegraph hill all his life. >> there's a lot of residents out there. as siliceous to keep this in mind is now. >> san francisco for kron4 news. still >> head the key piece of evidence in the spring oil spill is pulled from the gulf. they say it is safe to get in the water after some recent sharp settings. the giants) and our own tech reporter claims to be a firefighter. these are just a few of our stories ahead.
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>> it is designed to help
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students afford the cost of college. >> what college be it is a school. >> san francisco's mayor doing in class in show and tell of five-year olds. >> how much money is this? $10? do think if you go to college will cost more than $10? probably. indeed a lot of money to go to college. >> starting this year every kindergartners are here will get a college savings account courtesy of city taxpayers. >> you've never heard of anything like this. the nice backdrop and that it misled everybody talking about cuts. built like a couple of months to fully implement. children slipped $50 to start, $100 for lower-income children and one of the goals is to get family to save. as an added incentive of a
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private contribution will lead $100,000 for every $10. a lease for the few years. >> we know that 50 years with low interesting compound in is still not point to be enough money. we know that what needs happen as the families need to step in, families, relatives, and in the midst of all but augments 07 so they grow year after year after year. one of the main ideas behind this program is just to get children thinking about college at a very young age. city officials like to point to a study in st. louis where they found children who just found some money set aside where it seven times likely to >> go> this latino father says he wants to send this to children to college but like many parents he is not saved for it and is intimidated by the cost. >> i'm not looking for five months. >> one half does not and have
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access to checking into our savings account of the child has that. in stanford university of about doors of a bond sale of love to contribute. the losses and take off and all of a sudden they say i can't afford college. >> the program would have to survive budget negotiations each year but the cost of $200,000 this year and of the $6 billion budget the dollar seems minuscule. especially if it works. of course it won't work for a million years until these kids reach college age. san francisco. president >> promises it stands looked at our small businesses. still ahead is scapes late fall. will talk to 1 business partner. >> to cast a so in some big swings in temperature is coming
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up to the next few days. all you know more about that coming up here
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it talks to a business owner who says she is helpful. >> for the high end and >> we met her nine months ago. she is closing down capitol hill but nine years. that was then and this is now. the good days. the customers are starting to come back. >> = still file saying other challenges i got them in a tough spot to be given. access to cash and credit. >> we need ready access. to
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catch. to support the cash flow for the hard time. >> is your message the same today?z it is something the present lack of, is tackling. urging congress to move forward on a bill to help. it is a $30 of lending fund. $12 billion in tax breaks. >> one day we're having the law responsibility to do is to lift up our small business. encounters over 60 percent of job losses in the final months of last year. economic >> policy analyst says the measure will help but it is no silver bullet. >> it is not wood to burn the rush of people in for all of the is small businesses but it will help. it is a back end. >> look like a cyclist. >> in the meantime denise says
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she has adapted to tough times and is looking forward to making it through another bicycle season. >> remember, we are heading into election season here in washington. congress is set to return in just over a weekend even if the small business will happen soon the elections are fast approaching leaving little time for the measures in fact themselves before voters said to the polls. cable when for cnn. capitol hill. >> well postcard kind of day across san francisco. a beautiful shot. san francisco's big blue skies overhead and sunshine and temperatures are at 70 degrees. a perfect day to take a stroll. now live to treasure island we're looking at the bay bridge. it is a beautiful evening with clear skies right now and readings are still pretty warm around much of the bay area appeared as 70's into the east bay and into up
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right now is as 79 degrees. at 59 degrees in oakland. tamara's led to be the hottest day of the next seven days. just in time for the labor day holiday periods 90s in the warmest inland valley and might get up around 91 degrees. things change bigtime for tuesday. this seabury's will really crank up and that is planned to drop temperatures dramatically. those readings are back into the 60s bay said. 70's into warmer spots. so it is a huge drop in temperatures. the sokolov even more on wednesday. lots of fog and low clouds and even some drizzle hanging around so if you like the hall of their get out there for small before it is all over. airborne to see a lot of upper 80s and low 90s in the north bay with 92 sonoma, fairfield we're going to get up to 96 degrees and a hot day. it is going to be warmer in san francisco. looking at 82 mid-80s
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for the east shore. oakland a high of 85 degrees a sentinel day in the fog is not going to be in the picture. it is closing in on an ibm fremont and low to mid 90's here in the inland valleys. antioch is a high of 96 in livermore and pleasanton is more to mid-90s. almost 90 degrees for santa clara and a high of 92 degrees. and that will get cooler. a lot cooler. tees it will be into the mid to upper 60s bass said. upper 70's and land. mainly sunny skies and all coming back on wednesday and look at the end when ties on wednesday. the low 70's. that is going to 2025 degree drop in two days. you're going to remain on the cool to mild side for the remainder of the week. thursday, friday and heading into next weekend looking for a purse 60s bayside. temperatures 80s around the bay. catherine? is >> now you want to hear a nice
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sunny beach of the the reason that the sharks were cited. although for the most part they do not seem to be keeping people away of for those ridiculous females telling you that you're getting a lot of money coming of a foreign country. the court
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>> and to this e-mail as disinherited 5.8 million plans. that is slightly less than $9 million. apparently and the late jacqueline wyatt never actually met is not sure why she chose me but she asked me not to worry. it seemed like she lost her husband in the swiss airline crash back in 1998. she then provided this link as proof. the bank shows of list of postern jurors including chalybeate jackman. according to the animal she is too weak to spend it herself. she has given me $9 million. all i need to do was sit supply matters as they did send me a check. at the very
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next day i received this. it is it official looking at dhl letter. all i had to send the west $260. and it would send me $9 million. oh goody. nine out your thinking. wait until they send me the 9 million and then turned around and give me except they do not operate see a deep. in their words now mine. the truth is there is no inheritance hot 0 please delete the mills. end market as spam. do never given out any person operation and do not, do not send money. the is he will never see a dime of this so-called inheritance you does end up losing your money. in the newsroom stanley roberts for kron4 news and >> in view of the commodore story in the effort stanley please e-mail them with patter
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sure and coming up we will have of recap. ended the movie tells the story of san jose's soldier killed by friendly fire. we also had experience with the jet pilot feels.
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approval of anarchy in driving this holiday weekend compared to last year. they say 167 drivers have been arrested from 6:00 p.m. friday to 6:00 a.m. today. statewide 998 drivers compared to 923. eight people have died on the road. police will continue to step up enforcement. there's a de white checkpoint in fremont. >> police typically see the most the white areas in this time of year. because specific
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>> we this is the best big weekend of december. until monday night when the latest labor day weekend is over. >> this is the latest one. seven piedmont appeared you concede police talking to drivers to see that any alcohol in their systems. >> we're looking for first of all is slurred speech. aliyahs signs that people that are possibly intoxicated. the >> please will do more testing on the people better seen as sufficient. it wanted a suspected it the why drivers of the road. >> and l call this evening? no >>. ok >>. >> the law enforcement has increased the checkpoints. it is all part of this summer crackdown campaign which is funded with state and federal money. in piedmont i am dollar and for kron4 news. >> it is a beautiful night across the bay area and san
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francisco, here is the view of the tower and a photograph hill in san francisco. took a peek at saturday and we have clear skies across the city. clear skies all around the bay area. here's a view of san jose at sunset this evening. it is a beautiful set out there. not a cloud in the sky and that is going to be the case tomorrow as well. today look for clear conditions with a little bit breeziness and held and fire danger will be increasing as we have dry, warm hair and dusty winds and high elevations. tomorrow we'll start with sunshine and temperatures the warmups and by the afternoon you come up for 80s bayside and '90s and the war meant inland valleys. it is fine to be a fantastic get the beach and since it is a holiday it could not be more perfect. we will see when set up to 10 to 20 mi. per hour coming of the ocean. temperatures could be warm for the beach. starting
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tuesday everything changes. the sea breeze starts to ramp up and l dropped temperatures significantly. it appears at this time it is when to stay cool for catherine? >> thank you brian. people have been flocking to the beach despite several recent shark sightings. the reason one help end of this beach. in july. people spotted what looked like a great as you can see on the map. about a week ago it sharks biting at landmark beach in specific up. but there's say there's another topcoat bell and a sharp attached to sea lion not too far from some swimmers. christine connolly talks to a summit shark experts to see how safe your view of the beach tomorrow. >> experts say that the senator has been an unusual number of great white shark sightings like the one that you see videotape
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here by a southern california surfer last month. here's video out shot and specific cut. look where the arrow is pointing you concede the dorsal fin of the shark. it could've been as long as 25 ft.. for several days there were warning signs that pied to inform people. we spoke with the increase of settings. >> compared to the years before at say we're on an uptrend. three years ago not a lot of fighting. >> one is not sidings are on the rise is because of the ban on netting on the call for new clothes. chirk cease to get tangled in the netting and now that is not happening. he says now is the time this season where sharks pulled up before they said their big migration in the next few months. >> you're going to find that your biggest population of white sharks from august all the way through to november. >> servers like jason long as specific as say they know the rest when they go into the ocean.
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>> he is gonna be careful. >> it's not when he could the water? a >> it is not wood to keep yeah the water. >> he says there's no part to tell which area of the shoreline aircrews and so the best ways to pay attention it to see what's happening in the water around the. >> watch with the seals are doing. there be living in it and erratic behavior it's generally a good idea to see that there are sharks and the area. >> i'm christine connally for kron4 news. the the >> after that the shark was spotted stanley roberts went to the beach to see who is willing to and the water. >> your not wood to get even. z all i see now. there's a dance you probably want gideon. will it still ignore the not elaborate it signed put in by the city of the pacific. z welcome to lead the marseille beach were recent sec shirting has had people flocking to the beach in the water. >> crazy. you gotta be crazy. if >> there are some people of
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british are still see the sign and stay clear. >> being afraid of sharks is fine. >> the chances are pc of the shark is probably too late. i >> it is attacking somebody else. for >> but if it is attacking you? this >> is too late. my >> point exactly. the >> many people make that servers, totally ignore this stark setting science and served anyway. >> there are crazy. a >> if the shark bit as steel why would you get in the water? >> many people i talk to have no wants to be as sharp appetite. >> this couple from wisconsin what their kids them in the water as they watch. and >> this lady came to the beach. >> i came to see if i could catch him. >> my question is shark sighting would you jump in the water? >> no! no! no! no! no explanation mark but then again i am a coward. >> is specific the imi cowan of
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>> yet, doors story please e- mail us. it the giants are in the game and the padres lost earlier today of the giants took advantage leaving the dodgers just like last night along the rebate it is secured the victory. the jensen picked up 5 1/2 games in san diego. croupier's cannot continue their winning streak from yesterday. they managed to avoid a fight. they had a home run in the final scores here seven to four. >> >> a key piece of evidence has been held back from the gulf of mexico. they're looking for answers when the huge spill of the gulf. the fbi is going to help in the investigation and the new move they tells the story of the bay area man who is killed by friendly fire in afghanistan and the army cover-
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up that follows.
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key piece of evidence of the gulf's. >> the beginning of libya and how. below the rate has been brought to this service. the investigation led claimed with will join other evidence. experts are looking at to determine the cause. >> taken to the point where the pieces were did covered. >> one of the dangers was the chris still plan chris had to
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flash the memo. we to >> all of the safety precautions. >> once the blown out to said that bp could complete the drilling. they said it could happen its september depending on weather conditions. their advice is saying they hoped the recovery it for the family that dies. >> it took four to for the families. major, major thing. >> story of the bay area man his dead. >> is really one up from the bay area today. it 70's and 80's base and 90's and when it slammed even warmer or our labor day holiday. i your forecast coming up.
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operation named john is on way in iraq. civilians have left it there is still 50,000 kids their time to train the iraqi military. then added to afghanistan. more than 1200 troops have died since the war there began. one of them is that of hand jose who gave up a oh football career to start in the army. is that is very controversy all. they talk about it. they talk to some moviegoers >> and > > a to keep your mouth shut about it. i was told that 77 tells you something you do and you get it done. this >> store is a documentary that chronicles how and why the football hero turned soldier was killed in afghanistan in 2004 in a military cover-up that follows. it touched at merrill
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for its summer months the first to see and campbell. >> it represents the best of america. i am disgusted with the cover-up semis. and congress. and especially the military. in this >> time more people see it sickens see who he really was. what really happened. >> well the film presents a candid high-school store who turned down an nfl contract also focuses on the family and the ordeal into fighting the truth. >> i am very disappointed in our government. i am very sorry that they have to go through all of this. somebody has to step up and tell them the truth. >> on saturday the director of the cabinet be award winner is
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here to discuss the film. in campbell i'm rob for kron4 news. >> big blue skies across the city of san francisco. no- fault, otherwise sunshine all way it around the bay. nice temperatures. san francisco looking at the financial district with a beautiful evening. clear skies and temperatures that are still one on the east bay. martinez and pleasanton and the low 70's and 60's for evergreen and san jose. it is 62 days in richmond which is currently at 58. we're going to see temperatures start out in the fifties and low '60's at 6:00 a.m. and with full sunshine tomorrow for our labor day, it those ratings will soar by noon and the orange colors the pecked the '80s at 12:00. by 4:00 p.m. but generally the one this time of the day we will see 90s in
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the east bay valley and south and to the north bay to 80s right around the bay. it is a one day when as far as to seem reasonable it still pretty nice group of these wins in place which keep us fog free and the north winds also prevent the sea breeze and coming into the bay. so look for 80s in san francisco tuesday at totally different situation. the sea breezes really going to crank up and it will flood the ocean air. we're going from 88 to 62 on tuesday. even in the inland valleys it is the upper 70's to 80 degrees. it is a hot day and a man a good school after that. 90 and now the fairfield a high
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of 96 to raise and all of these temperatures are running above normal. redwood city it is just shy of 90 degrees. blue skies today oakland is a high of 85 degrees in the warmest but still like pittsburgh and antioch mid- 90s, pleasanton and the south bay are really enjoyable day weather wise. the sun will be out and will be warm. his is the kron4 news is seven day around the bay. there goes the more mother very quickly. look at by to say the numbers coming down rapidly. it's even cooler and once appeared describe to be very cloudy day am wednesday. a lot of fog and the morning and drizzle in the sea breezes really strong. temperatures are in the low to mid '60's bayside was 70's and land and we're going to say that is on the cold side for the rest of the week. catherine?
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>> they keep ryan. what better way to launch a new video game of the air combat then let reporters compared to the real thing. still ahead is our check with the wild white peers
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time to look at the weekend box office. the movie a rush said the end in second place acres. it is a movie about some robbers fled and the like. and the opening of first place is the american. it is starring george clooney. it made nearly 13 million. >> air combat u.s.a. is a very unique service based on the airport. i'd never heard of it until they held a press conference to unveil the new video game. it talks to a
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fighter jet game that hits the market. the first game was a hit in the sec one has a lot of buzz. they wanted journalists to compare it to the real thing. it was amazing about the air combat. they let you fly a real fighter jet and engaged in aerial combat. the training for the hour ahead taking you out to the sky celaeno they control the aircraft. they're sitting next to you to say something happens and they use italian style of fighter planes. it would be around 34 mi. per hour, spending, everything is seated top gun or other firefighter they experience. the have video capture sicken see how you did under pressure. the best thing
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is late have yet the line of the other at their jet can be pulled across ears. the superimposed smoke if you get a really good shot. after it the real thing and get a preview of the game but nothing can compare to the real thing. it is the most realistic program i've ever played. you go really had to head and slept through night precision bombing and track your targets using silence the various and use the actual high- resolution satellite some in the jury of our real earth to be a high degree of realism. so it is better? >> the real thing >> but i do not think the old it again. you are normally under
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wanted to do spirited took every ounce of strength to not back out. >> i'm proud of that because this it was to the pilots blackout or vomit the first time. as you can imagine it is expensive. it depends on the packaging but it will cost you at least $1,000. >> if you want slave to express in the comfort of your couch for $50 try and use the video game. as a good one of the bill bez you are to the few years ago. i cannot remember if those same company but the exact same thing. >> did you get a better ok? >> i think the pilot has a show that they want to make a reporter sick and i got pretty sick. it was fun but i got very sick. >> lamp laddie survive fierce >> it is, like the thing and that in itself. as oliver itself we're going to some big changes and tomorrow 80s and orange, it
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is going to be a hot day for labor day and then watch everything changed to secure the sea breeze comes back and will 60s bayside 70's inland and dropping 10 to 20 degrees. it is even cooler on wednesday. if you want this temperatures it is definitely the day. mid-90s inland, 96 fairfield and 80s oakland. after that as i mentioned it is calling to be a whole different story with the fog coming back in for wednesday, is glad to be pretty cloudy, as 60s and 70's inland. >> we're going to leave yet the picture of the golden gate bridge it is fairly heavy. where's everybody going? is 10:00 tonight. but the the people coming into this city. is it is busy. still with us will be back at 11:00 at a healthy of a benign picture
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